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Tar River Reads: One book, one community

Tar River Reads is a community-wide reading program designed to inspire as many people as possible in the Twin Counties to read a selected book during a given period of time.

During the month of September 2012, we’re encouraging students, faculty, staff and community members to read Walking Across Egypt by Clyde Edgerton, to participate in related discussions and activities.

How can you participate?
• Read the book! Check it out at the NCC Library. Also, our public libraries will have copies on hand.
• Encourage others to read the book.
• Join the Tar River Reads Facebook page ( to learn more about events and to access discussion guides and reading materials.
• Want to receive weekly updates on events affiliated with Tar River Reads through September 2012? Email with “Updates” in the subject line to be added to our distribution list.
•Attend one of the following events:

Nash Community College – Sept. 12: Brown Bag Book Discussion, Sept. 19: Breakfast Book Discussion, Sept. 20: Movie presentation
Braswell Memorial Library– Sept. 6 & 25: Book Discussions
North Carolina Wesleyan College– Sept. 7: Tar River Reads Cooking Show