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NCC Purchases Line Truck with Progress Energy Foundation Grant

Nash Community College Electric Line Construction students will gain new skills and experience to prepare them for careers in the electrical utility field. This is due to a grant from the Progress Energy Foundation that allowed the college to purchase a Polecat line truck for the program. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on practice and most importantly, supervised “real-world” training in safety procedures while working up to 30 feet above the ground.
“Line construction can be physically challenging,” said NCC President Bill Carver. “Graduates of the program keep our lights on, our homes comfortable, and our schools and companies operational. Our students deserve to be prepared with the knowledge of how to do their jobs efficiently and safely. Progress Energy Foundation’s support ensures that NCC’s unique Electric Line Construction program continues to provide employers with workers who possess the skills and training to be productive from the very first day on the job.”

The experience of instructors, along with the new line truck, add a new area of training to NCC’s Electric Line Construction program which trains over 100 students each year for careers in the preparation and repair of electrical utility service. Operating and working in an aerial platform like the line truck requires specialized qualifications, knowledge and safety practices.

“Students have the opportunity to practice job skills through the controlled environment of the classwork under the eye of experienced instructors,” instructor Bob Schubauer said. “Safety habits form now, before the student is hired and has to perform under the intense pressure of something like the aftermath of a hurricane,” Larry Blair explained.

“Nash Community College does an outstanding job of training the next generation of line technicians, and we are proud to partner with them to help acquire the equipment they need to prepare students for such an exciting and challenging career,” Duke Energy District Manager Tanya Evans said.