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NCC Employees Learn Lifesaving Techniques


From left: NCC EMS Instructor and Coordinator Olivia Moss, Rocky Mount Fire Department Fire and Life Safety Educator Dorothy Hinton, NCC Director Safety and Security and Chief of Police Wayne Lamm

Nash Community College faculty and staff participated in professional development activities to learn life saving techniques this summer. Through the Rocky Mount Fire Department Public Access Program for AEDs, employees are taking a step toward a safer campus by understanding how to use hands only CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in emergency situations. To date, 76 percent of Nash Community College’s full-time employees have received training in hands only CPR and AED use. Twenty-nine employees were certified prior to beginning the recent training.

Hands only CPR can more than double the chance of survival when someone experiences cardiac arrest. Knowing how to utilize an AED, and having access to the device when needed could result in 50,000 saved lives throughout the country every year, according to the American Red Cross. The organization recommends that individuals should be within a few minutes of an AED and someone trained to use it.

“Nash Community College trains our area’s first responders, so it is only fitting that our campus is provided the same opportunities to be qualified to step in and help if needed. When a person’s heart stops, the top two methods that have shown an improvement in patient outcomes are early CPR and early defibrillation,” Nash Community College Emergency Medical Services Coordinator and Instructor Olivia Moss said. “CPR should begin as quickly as possible and the AED should be placed within 10 minutes to increase the chance of survival.” Moss led the training, along with Fire and Life Safety Educator, Dorothy Hinton of the Rocky Mount Fire Department.

As a result of high participation, the College received two AEDs from the grant in July. Once in place, a total of four AEDs will be available for use throughout campus. The placement of the devices will help narrow response time in the event of a critical situation. Once installed, continued training will be offered for additional employees.

For more information about Nash Community College’s Emergency Medical Services, CPR or AED training, please call Olivia Moss at 252-451-8355. For more information about the Public Access Program offered through Rocky Mount Fire Department, contact Dorothy Hinton at 252-972-1384.​