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NCC Instructor Appointed to World View Board



Nash Community College is effectively infusing a global worldview throughout its campus by instilling diversity, knowledge, interconnectedness and understanding in students, faculty and staff.

Humanities and Social Sciences Instructor, Christopher Kent, was recently appointed to the University of North Carolina’s World View Board of Directors. As a public service and international program for educators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, World View equips leaders in academia with best practices and resources to extend to students in preparing them for the world ahead. “Internationalizing the classroom is important because the more globally our students think, the more globally our students can act, effectively reaching out to the rest of the world and making an impact both at home and in the ever internationalizing job market,” Kent said.

Christopher Kent, of Tarboro, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from East Carolina University and a Master of Science degree in Asian Studies from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. His professional résumé includes experience teaching in higher education in English as a second language, cross cultural communication, global understanding, and East Asian History, and in curriculum design, along with extensive international travel and scholarship.

Kent is co-chair of Nash Community College’s Global Education Committee leading the development, enhancement and promotion of campus-wide awareness and knowledge related to global education, with Dr. Keith Smith, the College’s Associate Vice President of Community and Governmental Affairs.

In June, Kent participated in the World View Summer Institute in Chapel Hill and he will attend various events sponsored by World View throughout the upcoming academic year. With his service on the Board of Directors, and along with the vision of the College’s Global Education Committee, Kent and Nash Community College leaders are creating opportunities to use existing technology to extend selected courses to foreign students. Future plans for NCC include creating a study abroad program and partnering with foreign schools. Kent is teaching a new course this fall, East Asian History, which will be centered around hands-on learning.