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True Blue Core Cohort: New Registration Option for Fall Semester


Cohort: a group of students working towards a common academic goal.  Add in the words “True Blue,” and you have Nash Community College’s latest educational opportunity for completing Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science core class requirements.  The True Blue Core Cohort concept was developed to allow capitalization on the benefits of classroom comradery, between both faculty and students. Several Cohort options are available to accommodate students’ personal schedules. Students who select the same cohort option will be enrolled in multiple courses together, allowing them to form study groups and communicate with fellow classmates about assignments.

“Research shows that the more students are connected to one another, the better they perform,” states Renee Martinez, Nash Community College English Instructor and member of the True Blue Core Committee. As Martinez explained, since the College is a commuter campus, many students are only on campus for in-class hours, completing studying and assignments individually, off-campus.  Having the same classmates in several of the classes he or she is enrolled in for the semester grants a student the opportunity to forge social connections helpful for academic success. Cohort Instructors will be in close communication to ensure the Cohorts’ benefits are being employed by students.

In addition to the academic benefits of choosing to enroll in a True Blue Core Cohort, this grouping of courses makes registration quick and convenient. With Cohort options provided for on-campus and online full-time students, it is just a matter of selecting which Cohort best suits a student’s course requirements. If all of the courses listed in a Cohort are not needed, students are still encouraged to register for at least two of the listed courses to reap the True Blue Core classroom benefits. Registration for the 2015 fall semester is April 15 and 16 on-campus and via WebAdvisor at  For more information about the True Blue Core Cohort course schedule, click here or contact Renee Martinez at 252-451-8373 or