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NCC fire services add, upgrade equipment


IMG_4396Nash Community College’s fire services training facility is home to a new 40-foot training tower. The structure, which was installed last week, will be used for various types of fire and rescue training including ladder training, rope rescue, confined space exercises and various types of instruction and practice.

NCC Fire and Health Services Director John Winstead said, “Utilizing this new tower and the attached live fire training lab, Nash Community College can expand the real-world training we offer to area fire departments and rescue personnel,” Winstead added. “Nash County fire and rescue agencies provide invaluable services to surrounding citizens and businesses in various environments. Agricultural, industrial and wilderness rescue scenarios can be carried out through the use of our facilities. We continue to expand our capabilities to meet these training needs.”

In 2017, it is likely local fire departments will be required to go through the Insurance Rating Inspection. Winstead added, “The addition of this structure at NCC will provide an opportunity for local departments to receive full credit towards their 9s insurance rating inspection. Improvements in insurance rating are reflected in lower insurance rates to individual citizens and businesses in each fire department’s service area.”

Credit for training is only awarded in the realm of structural fire fighting according to training content, member participation, availability of training facilities and use of the facilities. Such facilities must provide a live fire training structure with a smoke room, a drill tower standing at least three stories. For complete credit under facilities, each member of the department must complete 18 hours of training annually at a qualifying facility.

Nash Community College’s fire and rescue programs provide civilians and emergency services personnel with the information and skills needed for modern emergency environments through a variety of learning experiences and training scenarios. The classes are taken directly to students through training sessions held throughout Nash County as well as on campus. Along with regularly scheduled fire and rescue classes, Nash Community College is capable of conducting training in nearly any aspect of rescue, Hazardous Materials, Incident Command, etc. For more information, call 252-451-8312.