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August Seminars for Small Businesses


business-man-1385050_960_720The Nash Community College Small Business Center is offering the following seminars in August 2016. For more information or to register, visit

How to Start a Successful Business
Aug. 11, 2016  6-9pm  CE, Room 8255

This 3-hour workshop will give you an overall understanding of the steps you need to take to make your dream of owning your own business a reality.

Customer Service: Develop the Plan for Your Business
Aug. 18, 2016  9am-12noon or 1pm-4pm CE, Room 8255

Training employees to build “repeat business” includes: how to identify and provide what your market wants, develop customer centered thinking, how to embolden employees faced with aggressive completion, and ways to encourage return and repeat business. This and more will be covered in this “customer service” seminar including developing a customer service plan.

Writing a Successful Business Plan
Aug. 18, 2016   6-9pm CE, Room 8255

The business plan is a road map for your business whether you’re determining the feasibility for start-up, tracking your progress, planning for expansion, or applying for a loan. This workshop will discuss the narrative and financial aspects of the plan as well as give the student an opportunity to work with actual plans that have been prepared by others.

Marketing to Different Generations
Aug. 22, 2016  9am-12noon or 1pm-4pm CE, 
Room 8255

Different age groups have their own characteristics. Knowing what they are helps attendees understand and communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, provide better customer service, and increase productivity and morale. The presenter presents the unique talents, struggles, motivators and defining events of each generation with tips on working and marketing most effectively with each group. Attendees will learn: how to build relationships and work effectively across generations, historical events that have defined each segment, recognize specific behaviors that motivate & reward each group, basic generational characteristics affecting decision-making and identify generation-specific humor, struggles and values.

Leadership Training for Business Owners
Aug. 25, 2016  1-4pm, First Baptist Church, Nashville, NC

Need to learn or sharpen your Leadership Skills? Every business owner needs great leadership skills. Attend this exciting seminar and learn, how to deal with difficult people/employees, manage your peers, how to handle disciplinary actions positively and other skills to be an effective business owner/manager. This seminar will be presented by the “Ex-Disney Guy”, John Formica! 

Obtaining a Loan for Small Business
Aug. 25, 2016  6-9pm  CE, Room 8255  

An entrepreneur goes into business to make money. In order to accomplish this goal, it is often necessary to borrow funds. This 3-hour seminar will cover determining how much you need, where the money will come from, the 5 C’s of Credit, and preparing your loan package.