Contest Hosted by NCC Engineering Students


Pictured, from left: Jamal Pitt, NCC Instructor John Eubanks, Jonathan McLendon, Joseph Penaloza-Soto, NCC President Dr. Bill Carver; Kneeling, from left: Jamison Tyson, Elton Lewis

Nash Community College students, faculty, and staff recently attended a BOE-BOT contest hosted by Engineering (EGR) 150 students and NCC Instructor, John Eubanks. With an increased interest in robotics in the engineering industry, EGR 150 introduces robotics to NCC students. Students learn robotic basics and are challenged to design robot navigation schemes, which are judged during the BOE-BOT contest. The winning demonstration submitted by Elton Lewis included a Star Wars Death Star battle.


BOE–BOT stands for Board of Education robot. It is the trade name of a robot kit that is used in junior high, high school and college robotics classes.