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NCC Announces Blue Love Scholars Program

College expenses continue to increase, and Nash Community College is committed to lifelong success for its students with a new program launching in the fall 2018 semester.

The Blue Love Scholars Program was established to assist prospective students who are devoted to their educational journey and future success. The program is specifically designed to help fill the financial gap for recent high school graduates who are North Carolina residents. Students must have been enrolled in the Career and College Promise program during high school and successfully meet eligibility requirements.

The application packet will include a completed application, official transcript showing status as a junior or senior and qualifying test scores (for the College Transfer Pathways). Home school students must also provide a copy of the Official Non-Public School Registration Card. Students may choose one College Transfer Pathway, one or two Career and Technical Education  pathways, or a combination of one College Transfer and one Career and Technical Education Pathway.

Interested students should meet with their high school counselor or home school principal to identify and establish a pathway. Counselors should work with students to submit their NCC application, or call 252-451-8244 or email for assistance. For more information, including pathway options and eligibility requirements, please visit