Technology Training Event at NCC December 6


Nash Community College Fire and Health Services and Duncan-Parnell are offering a one day training event on the Zeb-Revo GeoSlam 3-D Scanner and related software.

Although this equipment was primarily designed for fields such as engineering, mining, mapping, surveying, etc. there are numerous other fields that could benefit from this technology. Crime Scene Investigation, Pre-incident Plans, Emergency Mgmt., etc.

The class will be held at Nash Community College on December 6th from 9am-5pm in the Continuing Education and Public Services Building lecture hall. For non-public safety personnel, the fee is $75.00. Tuition is waived for public safety personnel. Register and pay at the class.

Content being covered during the class includes:

Zeb-Revo GeoSlam Scanner with hardware training

  • Zeb-Revo connection to Data Logger
  • Scanner startup and initialization process
  • Proper scanning techniques
  • Scanner de-initialization and data dump process

GeoSlam Software Training

  • Software Startup
  • Data Processing
  • Data Exporting

Autodesk ReCap Software Training

  • Project Setup
  • Data Import
  • Data Processing
  • Viewing Point Cloud (including Point Cloud Visual Settings)
  • Use Measure Tools and Limit Box

Point Cloud to Revit/AutoCAD

  • Learn about .rcp files (ReCap)
  • How to import .rcp file into Revit/AutoCAD
  • How to measure between points in Revit
  • Basics of laying out walls and/or line work in Revit/AutoCAD

For more information, contact John Winstead, NCC Director of Fire and Health Services at 252-451-8312 or