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High School Student Completes First Two Years of College at Nash

Tamaya Sutton

Tamaya Sutton, 18, said she chose Nash Community College’s Career and College Promise program because she wanted to get college experience and gain college credits before entering a four-year university.

Through Career and College Promise qualified high-school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to begin their college education, tuition-free.

Sutton, of Enfield, enrolled at Nash Community College as a Rocky Mount Preparatory School student.

“Tamaya has really blossomed at NCC as a CCP scholar,” her mother Chastity Kinsey said. “I am delighted that she was able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity which has given her college credits, as well as college experience before actually stepping on a university campus.”

She graduates from NCC in 2018 with an Associate Degree in Science and an Associate Degree in Arts. Sutton will begin at North Carolina State University in August where she will pursue a degree in Animal Science. Her research interests include animals and their diseases.

“I have always instilled in my daughter the importance of education,” Kinsey said. “She has taken paths less traveled and has made many sacrifices resulting in success. I am so proud of her.”

Individuals interested in the Career and College Promise program (also known as dual enrollment) should meet with their high school counselor or home school principal. Students may choose one College Transfer Pathway, one or two Career and Technical Education pathways, or a combination of one College Transfer and one Career and Technical Education Pathway.

“I am glad I chose Nash because it made me more dedicated and prepared for NCSU in the upcoming fall semester,” Sutton said. “I’ve had an amazing overall experience at Nash with the privilege of meeting some amazing individuals,” Sutton added that while dually enrolled, she also remained involved in extracurricular activities at her high school.

For more information, including pathway options and eligibility requirements, visit or call 252-451-8244.

“I encourage others to consider a Career and College Promise pathway because it can help cut down on the cost of tuition and help you gain an experience of college. If I was given the opportunity to talk to students considering the program, I would tell them to go and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. You will blossom as an individual and realize all that you are capable of,” Sutton said.

Tamaya Sutton is the daughter of Chastity Kinsey and Tyree Sutton.