NCC Recognizes First Responders


In a ceremony held Tuesday, December 18, 2018, Nash Community College recognized students for completing the Emergency Dispatch Academy and EMS training.

The Emergency Dispatch Academy features instructor-led lectures, hands-on learning with a dispatch console, opportunities to participate in real life scenarios while learning essential techniques in multi-tasking, and written assessments such as quizzes, module exams and a final exam. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to effectively operate in a critical role within an Emergency 911 Center and able to function as a vital link in the Emergency Response field. Students must have earned a High School Diploma or equivalency and successfully complete a reading comprehension placement test prior to taking the class.

Emergency Dispatch Academy graduates are:

Nikki Barnes
Ashton Burgess
Summer Carwell
Kara Denton
Tammy Keel
Tracy Lee
Emily Meyers
Shannon Miles
Mollie Ruffin
Amber Specht

EMT training prepares students with the fundamentals of patient assessment, life support techniques, CPR and AED use, airway management using oxygen administration, treating traumatic injuries, childbirth, addressing shock, transferring patients to medical facilities and other vital information pertinent to a career in the field.

The graduates are:


Michael Adams
Antonio Arias
Brooke Barnes
Laura Block
Karen Evans
Uneika Godard
David Griffin
Alesia Johnson
Travis Johnson
Timothy Lewis
Kenzy Nines
Bayleigh Pate
Joseph Purvis
Julie Ramirez
Kelli Rose
Miseal Lopez-Sandoval
Jake Tanner
Austin Wester
Blake Willey
Brianna Wilson

Advanced EMT

Austin Beeman
Emily Lennon
Devon McCroskey
Bryant Preast
Dana Winstead

EMT Academy

Jonathon Balance
Wendy Boncek
Valerie Campos
Stephen Edmondson
William Garrison
Jeremy Hall
Samuel Lewis
Omari Lucas-Thomas
Samantha Mayo
Shannon Miles
Zachery Poland
Samuel Smith
Ryan Taylor
Santiago Texidor
Joshua Wicks
Ashley Wiggins
Francesca Wilkins
Ethan F. Wrenn

Paramedic – The 1,000-hour Paramedic course includes advanced classroom and clinical instruction and a field internship. The graduates are:

Christopher Exum
Zachary Farmer
Kaitlin Frey
Charles Jones
Michael Lamm
Jacob Leonard
Charles Madden
Talia Martin
Amber Piasecki
Samuel Pridgen
Brandie Simmons
Mary Simpson
Crystal Swinson
Garrett Thompson
Kenneth White