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Students Recognized for Completing Electric Line Construction Underground Academy

Nash Community College recently recognized 12 students for completing the Underground Electric Line Construction Summer Academy. The college began offering the course two years ago in response to the utility industry’s immediate need to fill open positions.

Students learned about underground power distribution systems including terminators, elbows, transformers and safety practices associated with underground systems. They also learned to delineate proper underground system makeup and worked with NCC line trucks and other heavy equipment.

Following a resume writing and interviewing class, the students had the opportunity to meet with multiple utility partners, and each received an offer for employment.

In the photo above, the students proudly wear their custom hat gifted by NCC President, Dr. Bill Carver. From left to right: Gene Taylor, Kinney Neal, Kaleb Dunn, Joshua Griffin, Michael Garner, Instructor, Brandon Shook, Travis Carter, Justin Conner, Richard Soto, Nicholas Holton, Jeremy Hobbs, Noah Wilson, Michael Wall and Instructor Jon O’boyle.