What’s Buzzing: NCC biologist shares a bee update.


Did you know that NCC is a pollinator-friendly campus and a Bee Campus USA affiliate?

NCC Biology Instructor, Christine Ricci, member of the Bee Campus Committee shared an update on the beehives that were transplanted earlier this year.

“Two hives from the original install are progressing well, with one having two brood boxes and honey super attached,” she said. “David Bradley of Sapony Creek Apiaries has assisted the committee with hive checks and also donated a swarm to the second hive. An additional brood box was placed to allow more space. Over the course of the spring and summer months, the hives are mostly left alone with the hope that enough honey will be produced for their survival through the winter months. Generally, 40-60 pounds of stored honey will be necessary to endure cooler temperatures with larger amounts in colder climates.”

Pictured above, from left: NCC Master Gardener, Ken White and NCC Alumna Haley Honeycutt checking a hive containing a frame of capped brood.