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Cutting Away the Misconceptions of Natural Hair


A cohort of five is cutting away the misconceptions of natural hair in the aptly named Natural Hair continuing education course which began January 27, 2020 at Nash Community College.

While the term “natural hair care” may be a foreign concept to many, its meaning among cosmetologists has taken on a resurgence. “The majority of women have treated their hair with chemicals as a way to achieve perfect hair,” said NCC Cosmetology Instructor, Natasha Alleyne. “Yet, natural hair has the potential to look just as beautiful as hairstyles that have been exposed to dyes, relaxers, heat and more.”

Alleyne, a licensed cosmetologist of 27 years, has been teaching and training licensed professionals with a series she calls, “Having the Advantage: Strategies for Consistency and Growth.” As a licensed instructor for six years, Alleyne has helped more than 40 stylists with one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops built around critical thinking.

In 2018, Alleyne opened Healthy Concepts Hair and Beauty Center and launched a hair care product brand, Healthy Concepts Hair Care Systems. She is also co-authoring a book with other cosmetology professionals, “Powerful Business Principles for the Beauty CEO,” which will be available in March 2020.

The 16-week course introduces students to principles, practices, hair types, structures and textural differences, hair and scalp conditions, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and rinses, natural hair, braid-sculpting techniques, and more.

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