COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update: Friday, March 20, 2020

Posted Friday, March 20, 2020, 2:30 PM

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCC has been working diligently to develop and implement new plans to keep things running smoothly through this semester and beyond. We have taken steps to create a “virtual college” where possible that will allow students to continue studies.

Step 1.  Suspended classes March 16-20.  We needed time to make a solid plan for the rest of the spring semester and beyond. In essence this week has been Spring Break, with students at home and employees at NCC. There will not be a weeklong break in April (what is referred to as Easter Break in the NCC catalog). The goal in this decision is to keep students on track to finish the semester on time.

Step 2.  Have continuity of coursework to the fullest extent possible. Employees have been working tirelessly accomplishing a plan for online implementation of classes in record time. We’ve all pulled together so that approximately 90% of NCC’s classes will continue via online delivery beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 and until further notice.

Step 3.  Maintain a safe campus space for students to complete online classwork. There are some in our area who do not have internet service. We need help to ensure we can keep a safe campus space open to individuals who need computer access. Students who have internet and technology available are asked to please stay at home to complete coursework. Contact faculty members via email and online. Please do not come to campus. The library’s computer lab will remain open for the foreseeable future, only if social distancing can be practiced. Individuals who are sick or having symptoms, should not come to campus. The library computer lab will be open Tuesdays 9am-2pm, Wednesdays 2pm-7pm, and Thursdays 9am-2pm. While subject to change at any time, NCC will endeavor to have space available for students who require it. The campus is closed to the public. For online library resources, visit

Step 4.  Make every attempt to remain off campus. In an effort to reduce risk, the vast majority of campus will be locked. Security officers will be present, and a very few team members will be on campus. The majority of the team will be working from home to allow the college to continue to function. Additional information will be shared containing contact information for Student Services, Financial Aid, and other important resources.

Step 5.  Do not panic. This is a necessary step for all of us. There are some questions that we are unable to answer just yet. When it comes to graduation, we will take everything into account, making decisions with student success as our top priority. A ceremony is not required for degrees to be officially completed. Students graduate upon successful completion of program requirements, regardless of the status of a ceremony. If the graduation ceremony has to be re-considered, the preferred decision will be to postpone it, not cancel it. Much effort continues daily at NCC in order to do what is right for students.

Please continue to follow NCC’s homepage, social media channels, and check student email for updates. We will provide ongoing updates and additional online resources as available.