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Nash Community College Grad Returns to Campus as Instructor

College reputation and positive educational experiences matter. Nash Community College Electrical Systems Technology Instructor and Halifax County native, Spencer Davis, recalls his decision to choose Nash Community College. 

Spencer Davis grew up in Halifax County. He graduated from Roanoke Rapids High School.

Before pursuing his degree, Davis took a Continuing Education class at Nash and remembers it fondly. The educational experience at NCC made a lasting impression on Davis, who would later return to the college as a degree-seeking student and ultimately as an instructor.

“When I was looking to further my education in Electrical Systems Technology, I knew Nash had a good program based on my Continuing Education experience,” Davis recalls.

In 2014 Davis enrolled in NCC’s Electrical Systems Technology Associate in Applied Science degree program, which is designed to provide training for individuals interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Enjoying the pleasant and professional manner of his instructors, he completed his two-year degree in 2016 with a 4.0 grade point average. Davis transferred to East Carolina University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology with concentrations in Industrial Supervision and Industrial Engineering Technology. 

“My first experience as a college instructor was when I began teaching night classes. I just really enjoyed it,” Davis said. “I was the disobedient kid in high school and did not like school at all, so I never expected to be teaching in a college.”

Davis also earned certificates in Electrical Wiring, Electrical Controls, PLC Controls, Industrial Robotics and Instrumentation from NCC.

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“I really like helping people learn,” Davis said. “Working in the field, I was able to grasp the fundamentals of how things worked. This allowed me to become really good at troubleshooting which I absolutely love doing. I began to see that some other people were not picking up on it so easy and I just found a passion trying to help others learn.”

The Electrical System Technology curriculum consists mostly of hands-on coursework. Davis, who initially returned to NCC as an adjunct instructor and is now employed as a full-time instructor, says his time at NCC taught him how to collaborate with students. He endeavors to create positive educational experiences and says his goal is to “build the best, user-friendly and informative program he can for his students.”

Instructor Davis employs a strategy of academic optimism similar to what he experienced as an NCC student. He encourages students to work hard and maintain a positive attitude, too, sharing the advice, “you can accomplish anything you try hard at and put your mind to.” 

For more information or to enroll in the Electrical Systems Technology program, email or call 252-451-8266. Spring classes begin January 11, 2021.