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Instructors Use Virtual Reality Technology in HVAC Classes

Nash Community College’s Applied Engineering Technologies Department recently met with representatives from Mimbus to explore opportunities to enhance virtual learning for HVAC students. The company provides innovative solutions for training and helps schools lower training costs, accident risks and the time it takes for students to learn techniques used in vocational fields.
During the visit, NCC instructors and instructional designers learned to use virtual reality equipment in the context of refrigerant fluid handling. “There are many benefits of implementing virtual reality technology in the classroom,” Department Chair of Applied Engineering Technologies Alex Barnhill said. “By practicing their skills in a virtual reality environment, our students can apply what they learn in the classroom in a simulated environment and without the risk of making costly mistakes.” Additionally, Barnhill said, students go through the physical motions of completing tasks during the simulation. The training participants also completed modules involving pressurization and evacuation and refrigerant fluid charge.

Alex Barnhill learns to apply virtual reality technology to teach HVAC applications

“As we strive to be at the forefront of providing the latest technology for our students, this approach prepares our graduates to bring an innovative mindset to the workplace,” Barnhill continued. “Virtual reality technologies and controls may also be helpful when integrated into the workplace. In the future, workers could even perform their jobs remotely, not unlike a pilot flying a drone.”

Mimbus believes in the future of skills and trades and is committed to preserving those skills. The college hopes to continue to work with the company to integrate technology into teaching that will help recruit and train students from all backgrounds.

Pictured above, from left to right: Spencer Davis, Electrical Systems Technology instructor; Anthony Lucas, Instructional Designer; Alex Barnhill, Department Chair of Applied Engineering Technologies; Marguax Avram, Mimbus Technical Support Trainer; Lane Freeman, Department Chair of Digital Teaching and Learning and Reggie Cobb, Instructional Designer. (Not pictured Chris Carter, Industrial Systems and HVAC instructor).