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Students Complete Underground Electric Line Construction Academy

Nash Community College recently recognized six students for completing the Underground Electric Line Construction Summer Academy. Four of the graduates have been hired by Pike Electric Corporation, one by Precision Network, and one will continue his education in the upcoming Electric Line Construction Technology Night Academy.

Students learned about underground power distribution systems including terminators, elbows, transformers and safety practices associated with underground systems. They also learned to delineate proper underground system makeup and worked with NCC line trucks and heavy equipment.

Pictured from left: Instructor Jon O’Boyle, Christopher Lynch, Halifax, NC; Matthew Parks, Roanoke Rapids, NC; Jaxon Jones, Raleigh, NC; Shanessa Alston, Littleton, NC; Marvin Thorpe, Pinetops, NC; Maurice Wilkins, Henrico, NC; and Instructor Brandon Shook.