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High School Student Saves Money Through Dual Enrollment

Nolan Bailey, 16, said he chose to enroll in the Career and College Promise program at Nash Community College because it will save his family a lot of money in the pursuit of his four-year degree. Bailey is dually enrolled at NCC and Southern Nash High School.

Career and College Promise (CCP) offers eligible high school students the opportunity to earn employment credentials or university transfer credits tuition-free. The program provides students the opportunity to accelerate exposure to college-level coursework towards an associate degree for transfer to a senior institution or a technical certificate in preparation for entering the workforce.

“It offers a lot of flexibility,” Bailey said. “I feel it is an honor to have this opportunity. I am very thankful that our school district works so closely with NCC.”

For students interested in challenging themselves academically while also having the opportunity to obtain college credit, the Career and College Promise program at NCC can offer more options than a traditional path from high school into a university or career.

“The professors have been very supportive and helpful,” Bailey said. “I feel like they care about my learning experience and want to help me in any way that they can.”

The CCP program is composed of the College Transfer pathway, Career and Technical Education, and Cooperative Innovative High Schools. Selected students take courses leading to a certificate, diploma, degree, or state or industry-recognized credential.

“The best part about being a CCP student is that I am earning credit hours, at no cost to me or my family, towards my four-year degree. It has also required me to give more thought to the pathway that I want to choose and what degree I want to pursue.”

“Through this experience, I hope to have a better understanding of college courses, the expectations and the requirements they demand when I enroll in a four-year college. I also hope to enter college with one year of college credits.”

Upon graduation from NCC, Nolan Bailey plans to pursue a degree in Nuclear or Biomedical Engineering. “I have worked hard in school, staying focused on my academics,” Bailey said. “I am not sure where my dreams will take me, it may lead to a degree that requires more than four years, but wherever it leads I hope I can look back and see how all of the hard work paid off. One day, I hope to have a job that I love doing and am passionate about.”