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Future Nurse Earns College Credits in High School

Jaeyona Clark is a Nash Central High School junior. While enrolled at the high school, Clark is earning college credits, free of charge, and also enjoying a traditional high school experience.

Clark, 17, is dually enrolled at her high school and Nash Community College as a Career and College Promise student.

“This semester, I have a heavy course load,” Clark said. “All of my classwork is due at the end of the week, so I begin planning out all my assignments, appointments, etc.”

“My classes are online which gives me flexibility with my schedule when I am not working on homework, studying or meeting with my instructors or advisors. I am very family-oriented and will do just about anything for them so the flexibility has allowed me to help with family at times.”

“When I am not studying or with family, I am most likely working. I have worked part-time for the past two and a half years. I enjoy my job and all the new faces I see every shift. My mother is a small business owner, so on my days off, I may also help her.”

“I chose the Nash Community College Career and College Promise program because of how great all the staff is,” Clark said. “I love the overall support and hospitality of Nash and I am so grateful to have enrolled in this program.”

“I feel that it has given me an opportunity to experience college more intimately while also giving me academic independence. I hope to gain college readiness so that when I transfer to a university, I can be completely ready for what’s ahead.”

Jaeyona Clark plans to transfer into a four-year bachelor’s program to pursue a nursing degree. She hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse and a certified midwife.