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NCC Celebrates Class of 2022

Nash Community College celebrated the Class of 2022 on Friday, May 13, 2022 recognizing students for completion of degrees, diplomas and certificates at the College’s annual commencement exercises.

Adult High School, High School Equivalency and Curriculum graduates had the opportunity to participate in either a drive-through ceremony in the morning or an in-person ceremony held in the evening in Brown Auditorium.

“What a journey you, and we, have been on to get to this point,” NCC President Dr. Lew Hunnicutt said. “Your perseverance to complete your program of study truly inspires me. You completed your coursework during a worldwide pandemic that continues to this day. Please always keep that in mind when you look back over this major accomplishment.”

NCC’s 2021-2022 Student Government President Justin Joyner addressed the graduates. “To the class of 2022, well done. I have never stood on a graduation stage. My high school graduation was at the start of COVID. So, to be here now definitely feels strange.”

“Celebrate all the knowledge you have learned here,” Joyner said. “Celebrate the friends you made along the way. Celebrate the family members who calmed you down before an exam. Most importantly, celebrate yourself, take time to appreciate what you have achieved and be proud.”

Rocky Mount Fire Department Chief Corey Mercer delivered the keynote address. “March 2020 was the beginning of something that the world was not prepared for,” Mercer said. “Working together you all found a way to stay on task and meet the requirements of each class that would allow you to be standing here today. You are resilient and the epitome of being resilient.”

Chief Mercer is a community college graduate having earned an associate degree in fire protection technology. He shared the story of his own educational journey.

“In 1992, there was a young man who returned home from the military after two tours in the Middle East. He stood in the lobby of a community college trying to determine where he would take his future. He developed a plan to enroll in a curriculum hoping that he would get the training necessary to secure a job in his chosen field. With a small family, he took a job to provide for them as he went to community college in the evening. The young man was persistent to stay on the course he had chosen.” Despite various hurdles, Mercer said, “He received a job offer. I want to acknowledge the role the community college played in my quest to gain employment in my dream of becoming a firefighter,” Mercer said. “Without that hope I would have never gained employment in the fire service.”

Nash Community College President Dr. Lew Hunnicutt and Board of Trustees Chair Katherine Wiggins Fisher presided over the ceremonies.