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Nash Community College Graphic Design Student Designs Tackle the Tar Shirt

Nash Community College is excited that its Tackle the Tar T-shirt illustration was designed by one of its graphic design students, Jameelah Hauter.

Hauter is a third-year student at NCC, currently completing an Associate degree in Applied Science – Advertising and Graphic Design.

“I’ve had the pleasure of teaching her in several design courses,” said Natasha Neal, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor. “She’s a gifted illustrator, a dedicated and creative student, a strong leader and a caring individual.”

Neal played an important role in Hauter learning of this opportunity.

“I learned about this opportunity from my instructor Mrs. Neal, who has been influential in pushing me to continue to develop new and innovative techniques to approach design,” said Hauter.

She shared that she and Neal have regular conversations about using her hobby in illustration and incorporating tools such as digital drawing tablets in various Graphic Design projects.

“When she mentioned an opportunity to provide an illustration for the Tackle The Tar event, I was motivated because I was getting the chance to create something that would help NCC stand out and exemplify the Nighthawk spirit it embodies,” said Hauter.

Neal is committed to getting her students involved in the community and challenges her students to think about the ‘real world’ connection to the projects they do in class.

“Getting students involved and working in the community is very important,” said Neal. “It allows students to apply what they have learned, and it’s also a great way for students to connect with professionals and community members for learning and possible career opportunities.”

Students get the opportunity to see their designs printed and displayed in their community.

“Moments like this give our students a sense of accomplishment that is well needed as they continue their journey through education and into the professional world,” said Neal.

Hauter has had an interest in art/illustration since childhood and thought graphic design work would be the best field for her to build her professional career.

“I’ve been trying to draw the things that came to my imagination for as long as I can remember,” said Hauter. “When I discovered the concept of graphic design, I realized that I could put my skills to professional use in an industry that’s widespread in the modern world.”

After graduation, she wants to explore her hometown area for various opportunities to grow her experience. In the future, her goal is to become a logo designer and do freelance work.