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Recent CITI High Graduate Introduces President Biden in Rocky Mount

Contributed by Nash County Public Schools

Nashville, NC – On Friday, June 9, 2023, America Alonso-Gomez, a recent graduate of CITI High School, had the honor of introducing President Joe Biden at a momentous event held at Nash Community College. The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, graciously introduced Ms. Alonso-Gomez, emphasizing the significance of education and alternative pathways to success.

During his speech at Nash Community College, President Biden highlighted the critical role of high schools in paving the way for students’ future achievements. He emphasized the Biden Education Pathway, which encompasses free, high-quality university preschool education, equipping students with essential skills throughout their high school experience. President Biden emphasized the value of pursuing alternative paths, such as taking college courses in high school or enrolling in registered apprenticeships.

As a recent graduate of CITI High School and a super senior with dual enrollment in the automotive systems technology program at Nash Community College, Ms. Alonso-Gomez personified the success of partnership programs between Nash County Public Schools and the Community College. Her introduction of President Biden added to the event’s significance, showcasing the remarkable opportunities available to students in the region.

Ms. Alonso-Gomez actively participates in the Steps for Growth Clean Vehicles Program at Nash Community College. Having completed certifications in OSHA-10 and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, she is enthusiastic about her experience and dedicated to contributing to the future of energy and manufacturing. Ms. Alonso-Gomez firmly believes in the power of renewable resources and aims to impact her community positively.

Reflecting on the event, Ms. Alonso-Gomez expressed her excitement and nervousness about meeting President Joe Biden, an opportunity she never dreamed she would have. The training she received through the program at Nash Community College has prepared her for the workforce, equipping her with relevant skills and enabling her to attain five certifications. She is grateful for the program’s support in helping her realize her aspirations.


About the Career and Technical Education program and CITI High School:

NCPS takes pride in our successful CTE program. We aim to set the bar in our state as a high school and community college partnership. The mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy. CTE aims to accomplish several objectives: preparing students for further career-technical education and initial employment, assisting in educational and occupational decision-making, applying and reinforcing learning from other disciplines, equipping students with practical life skills and knowledge for informed consumer decisions, supporting individuals facing academic, socioeconomic, or other challenges hindering their success in career-technical education, providing career guidance, cultivating effective collaboration within social organizations and technological systems, familiarizing students with various technologies, contributing to the development of essential skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and mathematical proficiency, as well as fostering creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities. The mission of CITI High School is to create a rigorous and relevant student-directed learning environment, ensuring that each student becomes a responsible, globally competitive, and contributing member of society. The vision of CITI High School is to inspire all students to embrace their potential and strive for excellence.