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Nash Community College Taking on the Need for Digital Literacy in Nash County

Digital Literacy has increasingly become necessary for survival in the professional and personal world over the last few years. Almost every aspect of life is influenced by digital technology, from communication to education. Nash Community College is responding to the need with boots on the ground.

NCC currently offers a variety of Digital Literacy options through Northstar Certifications.

“One of the amazing things is that an individual could earn up to 15 credentials from participating in our courses,” said Carla Dunston, dean of continuing education at NCC. “In this social and economic environment, that is priceless.”

The skills students learn in these classes help them become proficient in the three main areas of basic computer digital literacy: Essential Computer Skills, Essential Software Skills, and Using Technology in Daily Life. Students will learn basic computer skills, internet basics, email operation, social media, information literacy, telehealth, multiple Microsoft applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Google Docs.

The digital literacy teams teach digital literacy courses in the community.

“That’s right; we go to them,” said Dunston. “We are in six external locations: Braswell Library, First Baptist Church Middlesex, NCWorks, Nash County Senior Center, Spaulding Family Resource Center and Williford Family Resource Center.”

NCC recently hired an inaugural coordinator of community engagement and Latino programs who is responsible for serving the growing Hispanic population in Nash County. Through this new role, among other things, NCC is able to provide three digital literacy courses in Spanish.

NCC is also in the process of hiring an individual committed to teaching digital literacy and leading the Digital Navigator Project.

“We were able to secure a grant that will allow us to bring on a part-time Digital Navigator for a short time,” said Dunston. “This is another example of us meeting the needs of our students and meeting them where they are.”

Digital Literacy is more than just reading online.

“Digital literacy skills have become necessary for a world that becomes more “digital” daily,” said Dunston. “We recognize and are building unique offerings to cater to the need of our community because that’s what we are here for. The community college wants to provide individuals of the community with a leg up and the confidence to do a little more.”

Students start with digital literacy, but it doesn’t stop there.

“Our students come in with the initial need for digital literacy courses, but after that, we encourage them to move on to other advanced classes. Other times, they decide to take more classes themselves,” said Dunston. “What we have been able to do is utilize our instructors to follow the students through the process and develop the best pathway for them to get all they can get to meet their full potential.”

For more information on Digital Literacy courses, please contact Jonee Callahan, Director, Workforce Continuing Education, at or 252-451-8349.