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Nash Community College’s BLET Program is a Fraction of the Cost through Brantley Endowment

Photo of NCC internal and external stakeholders involved in Chester Brantley endowment.

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Lew K. Hunnicutt, NCC President; Pam Ballew, NCC Vice President, Advancement; Russell Proctor III, NCC Trustee; Wendy Marlowe, NCC Vice President of Continuing Education/Workforce Development; Chester H. Brantley; Olivia Moss, NCC Department Chair, Emergency Management Services; Tim Mehus, NCC Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training

Chester H. Brantley recently established the Chester H. and Eliza Ann Brantley Endowment for Basic Law Enforcement Training and Emergency Dispatch.

The endowment will cover the cost of textbooks and uniforms for cadets who enter the academy.

“Essentially, this will make our cadets training at NCC free,” said Tim Mehus, director of basic law enforcement training at NCC. “Potential cadets come to us in three different ways: they are either sponsored by a Law Enforcement Agency, already hired with an agency and are being sent to us to be trained, or they come to us as walk-ins. Our policy requires some sponsorship, which covers their tuition.”

Before this endowment, cadets were still responsible for covering the cost of their own books and uniforms.

“This is a game changer and thoughtful gift from Mr. Brantly and his family,” said Pam Ballew, vice president of advancement at NCC. “The Brantley family has a commitment to the emergency services profession that is admirable.”

This endowment will also cover the costs associated with the training in the Emergency Dispatch program.

“Our dispatch program is a well-versed career choice, and we have students that range from 18 to 50 years old and are thankful to have partnerships with local and neighboring emergency management services,” said Olivia Moss, department chair of emergency management services at NCC.

NCC is proud to provide an educational opportunity that meets the needs of students who want to take themselves to the next level academically and professionally.

“Endowments like this allow us to continue to be competitive in the quality of education we provide for every student that steps on this campus,” said Ballew. “We are working towards a world where we can remove as many barriers as possible with the available resources.”

For more information about scholarships and endowments or if you are interested in starting either, please contact the Nash Community College Foundation at 252-451-8440. You can also reach Pam Ballew, Vice President of Advancement, at or 252-451-8329.