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Nash Community College to Provide Better Student Experience!

Nash Community College is committed to adapting and evolving to provide the best educational environment that meets students where they are. The college is excited to announce the new partnership between NCC and Element451.

Element451 is the leading Student Engagement platform for higher education. This is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps enhance staff productivity and enrich student engagement in a quicker, smoother and more connected campus experience.

NCC introduces three key features: ChatBOT (Ask Newton!), Appointment scheduling and Event promotion.

  • Ask Newton! is assisted by artificial intelligence to answer all prospective and current students and parents’ questions in real-time. Users can also speak to a live representative from the college student services team during normal operating hours. This can be accessed on any website page and on the NCC events page (
  • The appointments feature allows users to make real-time appointments with various student services professionals on campus. Some individuals also offer virtual options to meet students’ needs. This feature can be accessed by specific student services team members through the website on their contact cards or on respective service pages. Appointment links to access open meeting times and dates can also be shared with prospective and current students through a specific URL link.
  • The events feature can be accessed through the events tab on the NCC website. The events page ( lists events covering registration, admissions, career services, community, financial aid, summer camps, graduations and much more.

The addition of this service will allow the college to expand its dedication to the five core values: Student Success, Teaching & Learning, Community, Respect and Integrity.

Go try out any of these features on the NCC website at or call us at 252-451-8263 for more information!