Alumni Spotlight: Desiree Dolberry


desiree Dolberry (1)Desiree Dolberry of Tarboro chose Nash Community College because the campus felt familiar to her, and she wanted to pursue one of NCC’s unique programs.

She graduated from Tarboro High School in 2002 and began at Nash in 2013. “When I got into the Advertising and Graphic Design course work, I had confirmation that I was right where I wanted to be,” Dolberry said.

While a student at Nash, Desiree participated in an internship in the college Marketing Department. “I really enjoyed working on projects. I learned a lot and the experience was very rewarding,” she said. Desiree credits the internship as putting her in the right place at the right time to be able to apply for a full-time position and launch her career in the community following graduation.

Her advice to students is to not believe the stigma that a community college degree is not enough. “If you work hard, make the right connections and continue to do your best, nothing is impossible.” At a community college, she said, you can form one-on-one relationships that will be invaluable in helping you achieve your career goals.

Desiree Dolberry graduated in 2015 with an Associate Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design with honors. She serves as the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce marketing coordinator. “I am appreciative of everyone at Nash who helped me. Nash changed my life for the better and the experience helped shaped where I am now. I am so thankful for my NCC family,” Dolberry said.

Even in her brief tenure Desiree has already met many elected officials including local community leaders and directors of local organizations. She says, “I feel like the greatest honor is when I meet local entrepreneurs and small business owners. These are the people who take their ideas and turn them into reality. They are real stars.”

In addition to her role at the Chamber, Desiree is paying it forward in the Twin Counties area by helping co-organize a young professionals group. “Investing my time in the ‘YoPros’ is investing in the region’s future. Facilitating social and development programs for local young professionals is a great way to keep them invested in the Twin Counties.”

Desiree said she loves being able to tell people not only about the Chamber’s programs, but other programs hosted in the area and all the great things the Twin Counties have to offer. “We have so many great companies and organizations, and people in this area who put in the time and effort to make the Twin Counties a great place to live,” Desiree said.

She advises local young professionals: “Get your voice out there and let the community know what you would like to see. The best way to put your stamp on your community is by staying here. Live and play in the area you want to see thrive. Giving back is easy when you want this place to prosper.”

Desiree is helping impact the lives of current students by serving on the college’s Advertising and Graphic Design Advisory Committee which provides input for the program curriculum based on workforce trends and needs.

Based on my experience on campus, I highly recommend Nash Community College. “I use all of the skills I learned at Nash Community College every day..from the technical aspects to the soft skills I learned from my instructors and peers.”