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Global Scholars Capstone Symposium Highlights Student Experiences


The Nash Community College Global Scholars program hosted their annual Global Scholars Capstone on Tuesday, April 16 in the College Library. This year’s presentations were held in the form of a poster symposium showcasing the work of students Lorie Futrell, Hannah Haynes, and Emily Allen. These posters will also be on display during the Student Expo at Blue Fest on Saturday, April 27.

Additionally, these graduates of the Global Scholars program shared what they appreciated most about being a Global Scholar in this video with photos from the Capstone Symposium.

The purpose of the capstone presentation is to provide a space in which students can demonstrate their knowledge and application of the global awareness they gained while completing the Global Scholars program at Nash Community College. During their presentations, students highlighted their understanding of diverse perspectives and their role as global citizens. They discussed key takeaways from their globally-intense courses, global activities, and global immersion. Their final goal was to detail their experiences and discuss how this knowledge can be transferred to their career and/or experience at a four-year college or university.

In addition to being graduates of the Global Scholars program, Lorie Futrell and Hannah Haynes are upcoming Spring 2019 graduates of Nash Community College. They were honored with their Worldview certificates and graduation cords at the NCC 2018-2019 Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday, April 17.

The Global Perspectives Scholars (GPS) program is a collaboration between NCC and UNC World View designed to help students discover, connect and engage in the world around them. Through the GPS program, students develop global competencies and skills needed to be successful in today’s global economy. The program focuses on discovering what it means to be a global citizen and how students can apply this knowledge to their academic and professional endeavors.

Requirements for earning the Global Scholars distinction at Nash CC include: completing 15 credit hours with a minimum of a C in globally-intensive courses, participating in 8 global activities and 30 hours of global experience through travel abroad and/or domestic intercultural experience/service, and sharing a capstone presentation related to the global-learning experience and participation in the GS Program.

For more information on the GS program, email or visit the GS Program Website.  

Pictured from left: English and Humanities Instructor, Co-Director Global Scholars Program & Study Abroad, Katie Hoffer; Instructor of Humanities and English, Co-Director, Global Scholars Program & Curriculum Programming Erika Simon; NCC Student, Lorie Futrell; NCC Student, Hannah Haynes; NCC Student, Emily Allen; and Advising and First Year Experience, Assistant Director, GS Program Eva Williams.