COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Message from NCC President Dr. Hunnicutt

Dear Nighthawks,

What an unusual semester you have just completed!  For the majority of you, moving to fully online classes was an option, albeit a challenging one. I applaud your efforts in this new reality and have been very impressed with your accomplishments. I remain equally impressed with the NCC Faculty. I hope you all can appreciate the tremendous effort they have each put forward for you. As the new president at NCC, I had a vision in my mind of how our move to almost completely online delivery would work. I have to say that I have had to revise my vision due to the incredible adaptability of both our incredible faculty and our incredible students.

Some students, those enrolled in programs considered by the state to be essential (firsts responders, etc.), have continued their studies with minimal interruption. However, face-to-face delivery adapted to a social distancing format with other restrictions, meaning it was slightly askew from normal as well.

Entering Phase 1 of the Governor’s reopening plan meant we were able to bring additional programs (those on the extended essential program list) back to campus recently. While some of these students have been able to continue and will complete their programs soon, to say their continuation has been normal would be incorrect.

Once we enter Phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan, and as we move through the summer, we hope to safely bring back additional student services and programs of study. This process will continue throughout the fall semester and possibly beyond.

I am asked routinely when Nash Community College will get back to normal. Honestly, I am not sure what that word means anymore. Most have begun to use the phrase “new normal,” and when will we get back to that. My crystal ball is cracked and cloudy at this point in time, but I think that until there is a vaccine and the world population gains confidence in being near each other again, “normal” will not be possible. I have every confidence that NCC will get back to normal, or the new normal, in a rapid fashion once the two things above are achieved. Until that time we will continue to do all in our power to keep you on track to completing your programs of study while doing so in a safe manner. Nighthawk health is critically important to me. No one wants everyone back on campus more than I do. I love the full parking lots and bustle of our busy campus. Lately, things just have not been the same; Nighthawks, you are missed!

The students I have not addressed yet are those who had to withdraw from a class (or classes) due to the COVID-19, or those who could not transition to the online delivery format for any number of reasons. To you I say…STAY NIGHTHAWK STRONG…and…HANG IN THERE! We will be here for you whenever you are able to return to your studies. Do not let a thing like a worldwide pandemic stop you from achieving your academic goals! Nash Nighthawks are stronger than that, yes, stronger than the pandemic!

Whether you were able to complete your program of study, or you are “paused” and waiting to return, you have all made it through a truly difficult time. The spring 2020 semester did not turn out to be what anyone planned for, but we made it through…perhaps with some bumps and bruises. If you were able to complete your program of study then congratulations are in order and you already know that NCC will have graduation festivities at a later date. Virtual was an option, but Nash Nighthawks deserve more than that, plus I want to celebrate with the Class of 2020!

To everyone else reading this I offer my sincere wishes for you to HANG IN THERE! Stick with your goals and dreams and we will assist you in every way we can to achieve them. I use a phrase often that defines Nash Community College for me and it is Nighthawks Forward.  I use it very often these days as it truly defines NCC…whether you are a faculty or staff member, or a student…we progress, we move forward, we succeed!

Thank you Nighthawks!

Dr. H.

Lew K. Hunnicutt, Ph.D.
Nash Community College