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High School Equivalency Students Graduate


Nash Community College has announced its 2020 High School Equivalency graduates. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the commencement ceremony previously scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM in the Nash Community College Brown Auditorium, will be rescheduled later in the year.

“What an accomplishment,” NCC President Lew Hunnicutt said. “I applaud the determination and strength of these students, and I hope to see many of them return to NCC in one of our programs of study to continue their educational journey.”

The NCC College and Career Readiness Department serves students without a High School Diploma with a completely free program. The programs offered include: Foundational Adult Basic Education, Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency, Basic Skills Plus, College & Career Readiness Bridge Courses and Adult High School.

“We are so proud of each and every student,” College and Career Readiness Director Ivana Stevens said. “Our students represent the incredible diversity of the community we serve. We love being able to provide a way back to school for anyone who is ready for a new start.”

Congratulations to the following graduates for meeting the requirements for High School Equivalency.

Maria Nicanor Antunez
Brittany Nichole Asay
Dexter Trevor Baines
Carmelo Barrios Jr.
Michael Anthony Bazemore
Jocelyn Isabel Benitez
Joshua Timothy Cameron
Nelson Hayworth Corbett
Nicholas Chase Crociata
Zoie Michella Le Davis
Willie Lee Dew
Delia Briana Dutro
Addie Elizabeth Glover
Christiana Lee Gray
Mandy Joy Hall
Travis Owen Hare
Alfredo Hernandez
Grace Katherine Hills
Jacob Lee Jefferson
Taylor Chase Johnson
Brandy S Joyner
Samson Lee Kicklighter
Fox Allen Lewis
Zoey Victoria Manning
Caleb Joel McAuley
Lauren Michelle Mckirahan
Kenda De’Sean McNair
William Allen Medford
Tawathia Demond Mills
Dennis Patrick Moon
Shawana Shrence Nicholson
Emily Grace Norville
Katherine Alexis Patterson
Victoria Darlene Patterson
Ricardo Ramsey
Samuel Alejandro Reid
Cayla Rebecca Sellers
Amber Starr Strickland
Casey Aaron Thompson
Maleike Jamar Toney
Christopher Robert Tyson
Pamela Nicole Umstead White
Victor Velasquez-Jimenez
Yasmin Andreanna Walters
Autumn Paige Walters
Jacob Richard Wardsworth
Emily Christine Whitehead
Hunter Alan Whitehurst

In addition to the traditionally paced coursework, Nash Community College offers a five-week High School Equivalency program. Provided through the NCC Continuing Education College and Career Readiness program, the “Boot Camp” is a multi–subject course that integrates the Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Science, and Math skills necessary to pass the High School Equivalency examinations. Because of the fast–paced nature of this course, perfect attendance, and adequate placement test scores are required.

For more information, call 252-451-8216.