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NCC Recognizes Class of 2020

Tiffany Boswell

​​Nash Community College has announced 688 students completed 900 degrees, diplomas and certificates in its Class of 2020.

In his letter to the graduating class, NCC President​ Dr.​ Lew Hunnicutt said, “Resilience is a trait that I always hope every Nash Community College graduate possesses. Without hesitation, and with complete certainty, you have truly persevered with unrelenting resilience. You rose to the challenge and you prevailed. I stand in awe of each of you for your accomplishment.”
“The word resilience,” he continued, “is defined as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. You have done this. You have worked hard, adapted to unanticipated changes pressed forward and you have met success as a result.”

Due to the Coronavirus, and for the safety of the campus community, NCC began delivering 90 percent of coursework online in late March. The college has postponed its commencement exercises until later in the year.

“We are living in strange times,” Dr. Hunnicutt said. “Coronavirus has changed everything we are accustomed to. Just weeks into the semester the difficult decision was made to suspend face-to-face instruction and create a new virtual college for you. I realize this is not what you signed up for. Additionally, many of you were impacted by job loss and other challenges resulting from the pandemic. I know this has not been easy. You each have a story and unique experience of your last semester at NCC. I hope you will build upon these experiences as you continue forward. Whether you choose to enter into a career, or transfer and continue your education, you have what it takes to keep going. Above all else, you have demonstrated that.”

“The ceremonies have been postponed, however, we will hold ceremonies at a later date. Our students have much to celebrate and I look forward to sharing that time with them. I assign great importance to the phrase Nighthawks Forward as it reminds me how incredible our students, Nash Nighthawks, continue to be. I applaud their efforts, accomplishments, and admirable ability to meet life head-on no matter what hand they were dealt,” Dr. Hunnicutt said.

Student Government Association President Tiffany Boswell shared memories of her time at NCC. Boswell is among the Class of 2020’s 47 Associate Degree Nursing graduates.

“Nash Community College and the people here have become a huge part of my life and story,” Boswell said. “I have found new strength and faith within myself I did not know was there. Due to our strength, bravery, courage, and the Blue Love culture at Nash Community College we are here proudly as college graduates. We persevered.”

“You have helped me learn what kind of leader I am and how I can impact others around me,” Boswell said. “I never in a million years would have thought I could do all that I have done here.”

“Walking through the doors of the nursing hallway my first semester as a nursing student felt unreal. It felt like a dream come true,” she said.

“Never be afraid to take chances and try something new. A chapter is ending here but my story is nowhere near finished yet​,​” Boswell said.