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NCC Committee Determines Annual Number of Visitors to Campus

Nash Community College recently completed an internal study to determine the number of visitors annually to campus. The study was initiated by NCC President Dr. Lew Hunnicutt. “NCC continues to be proud of the 12,000 plus citizens we serve in an academic capacity, however, we wanted to determine the true impact the college has on the community,” said Hunnicutt.  “With NCC being an important activity hub in Nash County, a true accounting of all people served by the college is important data to collect and share.” Hunnicutt was confident that everyone seeing the final tally would be somewhat amazed, and at a minimum impressed with the service role the college demonstrates each year.

The College assembled a Numbers Committee from departments across campus to document and analyze data in three key areas of campus use: Businesses and the General Public, Curriculum Programs (enrolled students), and Continuing Education Programs (enrolled students).

After data collection and analysis it was determined that during the 2019 calendar year, NCC served a total of 78,717 campus users in the three areas combined. The committee noted that a percentage of the students, businesses, and general public were served multiple times during the year as students attend more than one semester and businesses and the general public may attend several meetings and events during the year.  This means a percentage of the numbers reported are duplicated, but this is the best manner to use in reporting campus use numbers since each user was served each time they attended a semester (student), or a meeting/event (businesses and general public).

A breakdown of the numbers is as follows: Businesses and General Public Campus Use 61,635, Curriculum Program Campus Use 7,559, Continuing Education Program Use 9,523.

“It is helpful to have a true picture of the impact the college makes on this community,” Hunnicutt said. “Our mission is focused on instruction, and allowing every community member an opportunity to grow academically. Another component of the community college mission is to serve the community at large and these numbers demonstrate our commitment to not only the local community but to eastern North Carolina and beyond.”