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Student Perspective: Diane Porter

Diane Porter

Diane Porter of Spring Hope is a Human Services Technology student at Nash Community College with a 3.8 cumulative grade point average. She plans to graduate in 2021. Porter graduated from Southern Nash High School.

I started this journey in August 2019 at 65 years old. I was excited to discover all the things I could achieve. I am a single parent with four adult children who have all gone to college and are still pursuing additional degrees.

My life has not been an easy one. I just celebrated eight years in recovery from substance abuse. With a loving family and a strong faith, I have a life again.

I know the destruction of addiction. It destroys families, lives, and communities. I chose Human Services Technology as my major because I want to help users and let them know it is possible to overcome addiction and live a responsible life. I have a passion to help people in any way possible.

I plan to graduate in Fall 2021. After graduating, even though I am retired, I want to work in the community with an organization like Boys and Girls Club or Coastal Plain Hospital and in my church to speak on addiction.

I truly feel my major is preparing me to understand the process of how to interact and communicate effectively with people who have emotional and mental health issues which can be characteristic of users.

I would recommend Nash Community College to anyone young or old because of the campus environment. You will meet great instructors and receive support when needed from Student Services and other areas. Everyone I have encountered has been very helpful in guiding me through classes and encouraging me to succeed in my major.

Being a retired person going to college has been challenging for me. All of my classes started out in a face-to-face format. In March, because of the pandemic, everything changed to online and virtual instruction. It has been interesting for me because I am not computer savvy. But the video chats with my instructors have been great.

My advice to other adults considering enrolling in college would be: never doubt your abilities to learn. You are never too old to get an education. To young people: take advantage of your youth and get all the knowledge available to you now. Accomplish your goals and dreams now. Don’t wait!!

The classes at NCC are aimed at helping students obtain the best education to complete their career goals. If you want to be successful in life and career, NCC is there to give you that opportunity.

I am grateful that I can say at 65 years old for the first time ever in school, I joined the National Society of Leadership Success, made the Dean’s List and recently became a Student Ambassador. This has given me such a feeling of pride and accomplishment.