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From NCC Alumna to NCC Employee: Stephanie Cole-Hyke


Stephanie Cole-Hyke chose Nash … twice! 

After high school graduation, Cole-Hyke maintained steady employment, but after three years she realized her occupational outlook was not what she had hoped for.

“I was not happy, and I still wanted more out of life,” she said. She completed a skills assessment that concluded her strengths were customer service and organization. She made plans to enter NCC’s Office Administration degree program. “I was nervous because I did not know what to expect, but I began to relax as I was being registered. The instructors and staff were courteous, professional, and understanding,” she said.

Stephanie Cole-Hyke graduated in 2013, earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Office Administration. “I enjoyed the many activities the college held during each semester and the beautiful, clean campus,” she saidMost of all, I loved the educational environment. My interactions with the instructors were uplifting and they always made me feel I could come to them about anything.” She credits courses in computer technology, specifically Microsoft Suite, office and records management, critical thinking, and keyboarding skills for providing the skills she needs in her career.

In 2015, Cole-Hyke landed a job at NCC as an Administrative Assistant serving the Applied Engineering, Digital Teaching and Learning, and Public Services departments. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Support and Service from Purdue University Global.“What I enjoy most about my job is the interactions with instructors and department chairs and the Blue Love I receive even as an employee.

Her advice for students: “Never give up – even when you feel you are at your lowest point in life. The instructors and team members at NCC understand what each student goes through because more than likely they have taken the same journey as you. Pursue your dreams and keep persevering. Also, talk and establish a connection with an instructor or NCC team member to keep them informed on your life’s journey.”

In her spare time, Stephanie Cole-Hyke enjoys watching Netflix, politics, and keeping up-to-date on government issues.