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Alumni Association Spotlight: Eason van der Meulen

Eason van der Meulen expressed that during his time at Nash Community College he learned the fundamentals to become successful as a student and in his future career.

Van der Meulen graduated from Southern Nash High School. He attended NCC from 2015 until 2017 before transferring to East Carolina University.

“I decided to attend NCC, and it was the best decision I could have possibly made,” Van der Meulen said. “Being a student at NCC is like being on a success path and the time and effort you put in the professors, faculty, and staff give the same if not more to help you succeed.”

“Attending NCC is more affordable than going straight to a four-year university,” he said. “And it is the same courses and same credits with the added benefit of your professors and the faculty being fully invested in your success while you are there and long after you have graduated.”

Van der Meulen describes his experience at Nash Community College as “fantastic.”

As an NCC student, he gained work experience as a nighttime switchboard operator. Additionally, he served as the Associate of Engineering intern helping students learn math in the Math Tank. Van der Meulen served as a Student Ambassador. “I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community and help guide others to the opportunities that NCC has available.”

Eason van der Meulen earned his Associate in Science, Associate in Arts, and Associate in Engineering degrees from Nash Community College. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Computer Technology at East Carolina University.

Van der Meulen is employed as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Nomaco.¬†“NCC prepared me for the future by developing me academically as well as professionally with a large focus on preparing me to establish a career, not a job, after NCC,” said van der Meulen.