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CCP Student Spotlight: Emma Dickinson

​​Emma Dickinson attends Southern Nash High School. While enrolled at the high school, Dickinson is earning college credits, tuition-free and also enjoying a traditional high school experience.

“Th​e​​ ​Career and College Promise​ at Nash Community College​ is amazing because it allows me to earn college credits which sometimes double as my high school credits​,” Dickinson said.​ “By taking these courses, I can show that I am academically up to par and​ I will​ have more opportunities for scholarships.​ ​I only have positive things to say about this program.​”​

​Career and College Promise offers many courses that transfer to four-year institutions and help students start their college career with credits already on their transcript. Career and Technical Education courses can be taken to earn career credentials and certificates, helping students become more versatile in their chosen field. The program is an opportunity for high school students to experience the rigors of college and explore a multitude of careers, all tuition-free!​

“One of the perks of being a CCP student is the flexibility that I have,” Dickinson said. “I love that instead of a scheduled class I am able to complete my work when it is most convenient for me.”​Dickinson plans to earn most of the college credits​ she will need for ​her​ Associate​ in Arts degree.​ “After graduating high school, I plan to attend NCC to complete my​ degree. After that, I would like to transfer to a university to pursue nursing.​”​

​​For more information about Career and College Promise enrollment, please call 252-451-8473 or email