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Kellie Garrison: High School Career and College Promise Partner Spotlight

The Nash Community College Career and College Promise team would like to give a shout-out to Kellie Garrison, online facilitator at Rocky Mount High School for her support of students dually enrolled at RMHS and NCC.

“I feel like my main role is to try and provide an atmosphere in my classroom that is conducive to being successful as a NCC student. I help students when they have forgotten their username and password. I also help students with the content of their curriculum, if needed, and if I am able to do so.

Sometimes students request my help in just sending an email to their teacher.  I try to give advice that is helpful in their successful completion of their class(es).  I periodically check grades and monitor more closely those students that don’t have a C or higher grade. Sometimes I even call parents when I feel they need to know of a student’s grade or behavior in class.”

– Kellie Garrison