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2023 Electric Line Graduates

Nash Community College celebrated its Electric Line Construction Technology program graduates on Thursday, May 4, 2023, with a pole climbing rodeo, career signing event and graduation ceremony. The celebration began at 8:30 AM on NCC’s utility pole training field.

Electric Line Construction students competed in three key areas showcasing their learned abilities and techniques in Injured Worker Rescue, Protective Grounding and Obstacle Pole training. Competitors were judged on their safety points and time of competition. Family members, friends and other supporters joined in the celebration of graduates.

Winners include Luke Beasley (1st place), Emmanuel Castaneda (2nd place) and Steven Simms (3rd place). For the first year, competitors were presented with trophies created by NCC’s Advanced Manufacturing program.

NCC’s Electric Line Construction curriculum prepares students for line construction in rural and utility settings through laboratory and practical applications. Students master competencies including elements of electricity, overhead pole and electrical line construction, safety codes and applications, electric power system, transformer installations and more. Students also earn OSHA, CDL and CPR certifications during training.

Third-Class Graduate Certificates

Alejandro Almazan

Luke Beasley

James Bowling

Emmanuel Castaneda

Joseph Edgman

Jesse Evans

Austin Housand

Ryan Hull

James Hunt

Justin Lamberth

Hunter Lassiter

David Price

Matthew Proctor

Zackary Proctor

Steven Simms

Daylin Tharrington

Jacob Wolbeck

Dylan Wolf

Underground Certificate

Eddy Celidon

Coleman Hayes

Hunter Lee