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Nash Community College Driven by Core Values: Meeting Students Where They Are

Nash Community College breathes the ethos of constructing an environment that meets students where they are. This simple statement serves as the driving vehicle for the ‘Blue Love’ culture and Nighthawks Forward spirit.

NCC, during its 2021-2026 Strategic Plan development, built five core values to serve as the blocks to become a leader and primary educational partner in the Eastern North Carolina Region:

  • Student Success – NCC values an environment where all students are supported and provided with the resources needed to achieve their goals and to gain skills needed for future adaptability and success.
  • Teaching and Learning – NCC values innovative, high-quality instruction and service to facilitate student growth and development.
  • Community – NCC values its role as a regional hub of educational advancement, economic development, and cultural enrichment.
  • Respect – NCC values diversity, equity and inclusion, believing that all should be treated with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity – NCC values honesty and uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and responsible stewardship.

“I’ve had the pleasure to sit down with our Dean of Continuing Education, Carla Dunston, and for her to share the new model she and her staff are focusing on, which is a spotlight on “investing in relationship building,” they are taking more of a front seat into becoming a strong advocate for every student,” said K.J. Askew, director of marketing and strategic engagement at NCC. “This model includes recognizing those who have become lifelong learners with us (NCC) and encouraging them to stay with us in new opportunities.”

Many students don’t realize that if you initially pursue something on the Continuing Education side, the college has different pathways that can filter right into attaining a complete two-year degree. “If we can aid these students to tap into their full potential, then we have successfully done what we are here to do,” said Dr. Lew K. Hunnicutt, president of NCC.

This is unique because NCC is sticking with a student from the first interest to graduation. NCC has Success Coaches, a Student Wellness Center with a certified Social Worker Clinician, Finish Line grant funds to do exactly that, get students to the finish line, and community committed Student Government Association and Student Engagement team, along with many other vehicles of assistance and resources to “meet students where they are.”

“Core values matter,” said Askew. “Our values are a reflection of reality. We have resources that serve our students and their needs, our academics team continues to develop new learning opportunities like course offerings throughout the academic year from 16 weeks to four weeks (students can enroll at NCC whenever works best for them) and we are an effective partner in Nash County.”

NCC’s mission is to provide an educational environment that meets students where they are and prepares them for successful college transfer and rewarding careers in a global and diverse society.

“We are able to hold to that mission by providing quality instruction and services,” said Dr. Hunnicutt. “Additionally, we provide a quality whole view perspective with impactful technology, workforce development, and partnerships with hundreds of agencies that allow us to do what we do best, and that is providing lifelong learning opportunities.”