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Nash Community College Receives Fire Truck Donation

Pictured from left, Joey Parks, NCC Director of Fire Services, Pam Ballew, NCC Vice President of Advancement, Wendy Marlowe, NCC Vice President of Continuing Education/Workforce Development, Willie Kearney, NCC Coordinator of Fire Services/Instructor and Chase Bass, Momeyer Fire Chief

Things just got a little more exciting for Nash Community College Fire Academy cadets and instructors.  On Jan. 18, Momeyer Fire & Rescue donated a Fire Truck to the academy.

Momeyer Fire & Rescue reached out to NCC Fire Services Director and retired firefighter, Joseph Parks to inform that they were looking to donate the truck and if NCC would be interested in the machine.

The apparatus is a 1979 Ford Continental Pumper/Tanker that can hold over 1000 gallons of water and can pump 1000 gallons per minute.

“The new equipment will be used for training and will be a valuable asset for our future fire academies,” said Parks. “It will also be beneficial for our Driver/Operator Pump series classes, so in more than one area this donation is a needed addition.”

Momeyer Fire & Rescue is located in Nashville and has served as a partner with NCC for some time. NCC partners with all the fire departments in Nash County.

“We truly treasure all of our agreements and partnerships with surrounding fire departments,” said Parks. “These relationships allow us to use their equipment for training and certification classes. Now that we have our own machine, we have more versatility of the things we are able to do.”

A hose, ladders and other equipment will be added to the truck.

“This allows us to provide that type of training on campus, where in the past we may have had to travel to complete,” said Parks.

NCC Fire Services also has a brush truck that is used for training and serves as travel for students to off campus training sites. The brush truck also hauls an equipment trailer.