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College Seeks Community Input in Strategic Planning

You may have seen the bright blue posters around the county or recent social media posts stating “We Want to Hear From You.” That’s because Nash Community College is seeking stakeholder input during its regular strategic planning process.

“The college evaluates its strategic planning every five years,” Kelley Deal, NCC Dean of Marketing said. “We are assessing the organization’s strengths and opportunities, and in doing so, seeking stakeholder input in a brief survey. All residents are asked to participate in the survey which will inform our process by providing a benchmark of community perceptions related to NCC’s offerings.”

The survey is accessible at Deal said anyone who needs assistance accessing the survey, or has questions, may call her office at 252-451-8235 or email

Nash is the community’s college, she said. “And we aim to effectively contribute to the vitality of our community by addressing local needs of citizens, employers, business, industry and a wide array of stakeholder groups.”

The strategic plan, which goes into effect July 1, 2021, will assist the college in aligning its goals and initiatives with the needs of the community and will help ensure a continued path of good stewardship and responsibility.

“We have a longstanding commitment to addressing the ever-evolving educational needs of the community. Our goal is to continue that as we meet current and prospective students where they are and support them in their goals for lifelong success.”

The community is asked to complete the survey by March 1.